5 Romantic Things To Do in Paris on Valentine’s Day

If you’re lucky enough to find yourself in Paris on Valentine’s Day, here are 5 romantic things to do with your sweetheart:

Visit the Wall of Love

A visit to the Wall of Love, or Le mur des j’taime, is a perfect way to start your romantic Parisian Valentine’s Day. Created by the artists Frederic Baron and Claire Kito, the Wall of Love is at the center of the Abbesses garden at Montmartre in Paris. It has the phrase “I love you” written over a thousand times in more than 250 languages!

Take a photo at the Temple of Love

Set amongst the English gardens at the Palace of Versilles, the Temple of Love is breathtaking and magical. This romantic destination is ideal for Valentine’s Day—it houses a statue of Cupid! Marie Antoinette was known to throw parties in the English Gardens and many plays were performed within the temple. It’s a beautiful setting for photos with your love.

Ice Cream at Amarino

Who doesn’t want something sweet on Valentine’s Day? Not only does Amarino have delicious ice cream but they offer something extra special—sample as much as you want, choose three flavors, and they will shape your ice cream into beautiful flowers!

Have Dinner at Le Train Bleu

Established in 1900 and known for its exquisite dining room, Le Train Bleu will give you and your date an experience of dining in old Paris. The beauty of the “belle epoch” décor alone is unforgettable, but the food is delicious as well! It’s perfect for a romantic evening with your Valentine.

Cocktails at Moonshiner

There’s something romantic about mystery, and what’s more mysterious than a secret door? To access Moonshiner, you are lead through the fridge of an unassuming pizza parlor. The secret door leads you to a 20’s style speak easy with vintage décor, old timey music, and fun cocktails. It’s a date that won’t soon be forgotten.

Happy Valentine’s Day from Paris For Rent

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 5 Romantic Things To Do in Paris on Valentine’s Day

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