Where to Dine for Thanksgiving Dinner in Paris

Last week we shared THIS article about why we think spending Thanksgiving in Paris is the best idea ever. We explained why an apartment is ideal for holiday travel, most notably because of the gourmet kitchen that allows you to cook big family meals. But maybe you don’t want to cook at all! Maybe you want to be served your Thanksgiving meal. If so, we’ve got you covered. Here are four restaurants that honor Thanksgiving in Paris every year:




Verjus serves a Thanksgiving-themed menu three days in a row on Thanksgiving week (Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday)! But call ahead; you have to reserve your spot in advance. Phone number: +33 1 42 97 54 40




Treize cooks up Thanksgiving lunch that week from Tuesday through Saturday! They’re already known for their American south-inspired dishes, so you KNOW you won’t be disappointed on Thanksgiving. Think stuffing topped with gravy, broccoli gratin, sweet potatoes, buttermilk biscuits, and of course, turkey. My mouth is watering just writing this! We know and love the owners—be sure to tell them we said hi! Phone number: +33 1 73 77 27 89




The owner of Dune is from Seattle and he prepares Thanksgiving dinner on Thanksgiving Day. It’s a three-course menu and you need to make reservations in advance. If it’s full, get on the wait list! Phone number: +33 1 43 57 83 15


Le Red House


Le Red House does an amazing Thanksgiving Potluck every year! People travel far and wide to spend Thanksgiving with an awesome community of all kinds of fun people who gather together and bring their favorite dishes (bringing a dish is not required). They have everything you could imagine for Thanksgiving dinner and then some. Also, they have a creative menu of holiday cocktails! Phone number: +33 1 43 67 06 43


We hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving in Paris. We definitely suggest you call all of these places well in advance to get the latest on their Thanksgiving plans!

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 Where to Dine for Thanksgiving Dinner in Paris

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