7 reasons to visit Paris in November

November isn’t exactly a big tourism month for Paris, but in many ways that’s a good thing. Here are seven good reasons why you should spend Halloween or Thanksgiving in Paris!

1- Plane tickets are much cheaper than in June or September. If you fly to Paris during Thanksgiving week, you might actually pay as much as you would to fly domestic in the US.

2-Paris has the best cafés, and most of them have heated terraces. Colder weather means an abundance of hot toddies and cafés crèmes!

3- You can find great deals on apartment rentals! Check our site for some great apartments in Paris. Our team of experts will help you find the perfect place for your holiday:  Paris For RentA beautiful Paris For Rent apartment featuring a fireplace4-It’s chilly in November without being frigid. Temperatures run between 45 and 51 degrees, so it will be more about layering than bundling up.

5-There are smaller crowds to fight at the museums. The Louvres and Orsay, where the lines are always daunting during the peak season, are way easier to get in.

A pretty picture of an alley at the Pere Lachaise museum.

6- If you come for Halloween, the Catacombs and the Père Lachaise cemetery are great ideas for some romantic spookiness.
The Père Lachaise is the world’s most visited cemetery, and the largest in Paris, with more than a hundred acres. Parisians often take walks in the Père Lachaise, a peaceful place with no cars.

The Catacombs of Paris are an underground ossuary which hold the remains of over six million people. Chances are you will not have visited anything like this before.

7- Starting mid-November, most of the Christmas decorations are already up. You can take some great pictures you can use for your holiday cards!

A department store in Paris with beautiful Holidays decorations,

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 7 reasons to visit Paris in November

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