Top 5 Staff Favorite Restaurants in Le Marais

Where to Dine in Le Marais

When people inquire about our apartments, often they are looking for places to stay in two of the most sought after neighborhoods—St Germain and Le Marais. We have lovely properties in both of these neighborhoods, so we consider ourselves experts in all the best places to eat in these areas. Today we will focus on the great eateries in Le Marais.

Le Marais is made up of the 3rd and 4th arrondissements. It’s known for it’s medieval vibes and pre-revolutionary architecture. When it comes to food, Le Marais does not disappoint. Here are the top five restaurants our staff  recommends in Le Marais.

Le Metropolitan

8 Rue de Jouy, 75004 Paris

Le Metropolitan is a good restaurant with a great atmosphere with comfortable wooden benches. It’s decorated with old posters and photographs in B&W.

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Les Philosophes

28 Rue Vieille du Temple, 75004 Paris

This is a typical neighborhood bistro. Its nice blend of locals and tourists gives it a friendly atmosphere.

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L’aller Retour

5 Rue Charles-François Dupuis, 75003 Paris

A lovely place for red meat and red wine! Here you will find great food, service and atmosphere. The staff is incredibly helpful, especially to tourists,.

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Breizh Café

109 Rue Vieille du Temple, 75003 Paris

The place for tasty and authentic Crêpes et Galettes from Brittany.

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69, rue des Gravilliers, 75003

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 Top 5 Staff Favorite Restaurants in Le Marais

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