Why Thanksgiving in Paris is the Best Idea Ever

Thanksgiving is one of our favorite holidays. It means delicious food and quality time spent with family and friends.   Here are some great reasons why you should consider going to Paris for Thanksgiving:

Plan your Thanksgiving trip to Paris

Make it Memorable

There’s a reason traveling is so special. It has the ability to yank us from the mundane. It delivers us not only to a beautiful city, but also to a world where time slows down and we are able to experience the present moment in a way we just can’t when we’re stuck in the daily grind. It allows us to truly live. Holidays have the ability to do this too. We get time off work and the people we love surround us. You can probably remember with great detail all of the trips you’ve taken and many Thanksgivings—much more than you can remember a random Tuesday. Well, imagine if you combine both travel and Thanksgiving!!??? MAGIC.

*side note: If you happen to be one of the many people who, on holidays, find themselves surrounded by people who annoy them, your Thanksgiving in Paris is your way out of that. There are so many pros to traveling during the holidays.

It’s Cheaper

Plane tickets are much cheaper during November than they are during other months. If you fly to Paris during Thanksgiving week, you might only pay as much you would to fly domestic in the US. It’s because most Americans will stay home during this time. Take advantage of the deals, especially if you’ve always wanted to see Paris but find flights to be expensive other times of the year.

Apartment rentals are also cheaper for this reason. You end up saving hundreds if not thousands by traveling during Thanksgiving week.  Check out our Thanksgiving specials HERE.

Perfect Thanksgiving Weather

November in Paris is GORGEOUS. The temperature ranges from about 45 to 51 degrees. So it’s cold (but not TOO cold!) and crisp and you need sweaters and jackets and warm socks—exactly how you imagine Thanksgiving to be. You can be cozy in your Paris apartment, eating delicious food and drinking wine, and then layer up for a brisk walk in the beautiful streets of the historical city. Stop for a delicious fall drink (think Hot Toddies and Café Cremes). What a DREAM. Plus, starting mid-November, most of the Christmas decorations are already up. You can get some great photos for your Holiday cards!

You Will Still Have Thanksgiving Supper

One of the benefits to staying in an apartment is the gourmet kitchen. Every grocery store in Paris will carry everything you need to cook a Thanksgiving meal. If you’re too busy enjoying your stay to go shopping for ALL THE THINGS, never fear—Paris For Rent will do the shopping for you! It’s our goal to make sure you have the best holiday possible.

It would be our pleasure to plan your perfect Thanksgiving in Paris! Click here to make it happen. Its not too late, and there’s ALWAYS next year. Happy Holidays!

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 Why Thanksgiving in Paris is the Best Idea Ever

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