Babymoon in Paris

            I’ve been working for Paris For Rent for ten years, and I love my job. Having grown up in Paris, I love helping people find the perfect apartment for their stay in a city that is very dear to my heart. It brings me great joy when I’ve made a traveler (and their family!) happy.

            My job also comes with a great perk.  In order to know which apartment will best fit my client’s needs, I need to stay in as many of the properties as I can. Our properties are beautiful, so this responsibility is done with pleasure. My most recent stay in Paris was a unique one—I was traveling with my six-months-pregnant wife. Her comfort was a top priority and I learned that I would be staying at one of our newer upscale apartments, St Germain Charm. I was excited to have her stay in the most sought after neighborhood in Paris, and I couldn’t wait to take her to the Buci market, which is less than a five-minute walk from the apartment. But truthfully, all I really hoped for was a comfortable bed for her.  Of course, the apartment far exceeded these minimal expectations, and my wife and I had a magical stay in my home city—the last trip we would have before becoming parents.  

The living room of a beautiful vacation rental apartment in Paris. Perfect place for a babymoon

            I loved the apartment, but more importantly, she loved the apartment. The beautiful living room has mostly contemporary furniture, but the ornate gold mirror, two antique chairs, high ceilings, tall windows, and hardwood floors give that French touch that my American wife finds so enchanting. She also gave the couch five stars, claiming it was  “absolutely the most comfortable couch” she had ever lounged on, and it is where she spent most of her time when we weren’t out enjoying the city.  One of my favorite things about the living room was the big screen television, one of the best I’ve seen in any apartment rental.

Perfect place for a babymoon! The dining table at the St Germain Charm Paris Vacation Rental

            The master bedroom had the much-needed comfortable bed that allowed for the two of us to sleep restfully through the night.  The crisp white linens and long white curtains lend a luxurious feeling to the cozy room, and my wife was excited to snap her 27-week baby bump selfie in one the room’s full-length closet mirrors.

            Speaking of mirrors, the apartment is full of them!  While I noticed how they really open up the 890 square foot apartment, my wife noticed how they, combined with the great lighting of the place, made it fun and easy to get ready for an evening out.  She was particularly fond of the bathroom, which also contained a magnifying makeup mirror for her convenience.

Perfect place for a babymoon! The master bedroom at this beautiful Paris For Rent vacation rental

            The second bedroom, which has its own bathroom, was not used so much by us.  With a mezzanine that contains a second bed, I imagine this being the room where two teenagers would stay, while their parents were on the opposite side of the apartment. For the two of us, it was great to have a second bathroom available.

The guest bedroom at the Paris For Rent St Germain Charm apartment

            We returned from our trip a couple of weeks ago, and my wife still raves about the apartment—its location, how comfortable it was, and how special she felt staying there. It was charming and romantic, which was perfect for our “baby moon.”  The only problem is our couch just doesn’t seem as comfortable anymore!  If there is anything she misses from the trip, it’s the couch at St Germain Charm. Other than that, I think she is very happy to be home, waiting for the arrival of our son.

Patrick Rech
Client Relationship Executive

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 Babymoon in Paris

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