Bike Friendly Paris: Where to Rent Bikes and Scooters

As Paris is becoming one of the most bike friendly cities in the world, tourists may be wondering how they go about renting a bike. Here are some the top-rated bike rental companies in Paris:



I want to start this article with Velib. Mainly because I believe in it even though it’s not perfect. It’s the cheapest option, only 1.70 euros per day. Or you can get a weekly pass for 8 euros. That rate is worth working through the kinks.

The good news is, they’ve come a long way! Things are running much smoother. There are still some issues, however, one being that American credit cards sometimes don’t work at the kiosk. I recommend visiting the website and paying the deposit prior to getting the bike. Speaking of depostis, they charge a 150 euro deposit that you will get back, but not until 7-10 days after your trip. And you have to supply your own helmet. But, at only 2 bucks a day, it’s worth it if you plan ahead to use Velib. Ideally you reserve online, and you are able to take a bike from any Velib station, and return it at any other Velib station in Paris. The first 30 min are always free. There are mixed reviews online, but the newer ones are mostly positive as Velib has been working to improve their system.

Bike About Tours

This company is one of the highest rated. They offer amazing tours, and they offer bike rentals as well. The prices are reasonable: 15 euros for 4 hours or less, 20 euros for a full day (more than four hours). Multiple day rentals are also available, and they have bikes for all ages. Helmets and bike locks are included in the price. The staff speaks English, which is helpful. Bonus is the bike office is also a coffee shop with wi-fi!

Paris Bike Company

If you’re looking for a higher end road bike to do some serious distances, this is your place. Paris Bike Company offers really nice bikes with a lot of extras. They include everything you need to fix/change a flat (tube,patch kit, tire levers), multi tool, pump, two water bottles, and a basic computer. Because these bikes are nicer than your average bike rental, the prices are more expensive, but worth it. Bikes here rent for 60 euros for one day, and 30 euros for each day after. Helmet and and different pedals are available for an additional ten euros.

Paris A Velo C’est Sympa!

This is a smaller business, with great bikes, reviews, and prices. They charge 12 euros for a half day, and 20 euros for a full day. Also available are E-Bikes for 30 euros per day, and mountain/touring options for 20 per day. Helmets not included but available for a reasonable price.


If you prefer to rent a scooter in Paris, try Freescoot! They have great customer service and they rent super-cute Vespas. They require a 1000 euro deposit, and charge 65 euros for 24 hours, 120 euros for the weekend, and 260 euros for the week. Helmets are included!


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 Bike Friendly Paris: Where to Rent Bikes and Scooters

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