Falling in Love in St Germain

The first apartment I stayed at through Paris For Rent was the St Germain Dauphine apartment.

I had met Patrick the previous Fall, and Spring found us taking a trip to France together.  I had been to Paris in my late teens and early twenties. My lodgings then were cramped and overpriced hotels.  So when we arrived at the St Germain Dauphine, I knew I was finally going to get the true Paris experience I had always imagined.  The apartment is exactly how I pictured a Paris flat—high ceilings, pure white walls, vintage art, and antique furniture.  I couldn’t contain my excitement and repeatedly told Patrick how beautiful I found the place. I was so happy to be there. As we caught our reflection in one of the ornate gold-framed mirrors, we joked about how the mirror was magical because we looked better in that mirror than any other. Really it was just because the apartment in the background was so pretty.  

Our stay there was perfect.

The bed was super-comfortable, as was the couch. Lounging after a long day spent shopping and gallivanting was not a problem. The small kitchen had everything we needed, though we rarely used it. We were too busy enjoying the delicious restaurants nearby. We could walk to a bakery, and it had the most incredible little cakes! I still think about those cakes.  Also walking distance was an awesome outdoor market, which was perfect for picking up fresh bread and sandwiches.

Those cakes.
Snapping selfies as we walked around Paris

By the end of our stay, we had exhausted ourselves on the culture of the neighborhood, and it was the most fun I’d ever had in Paris. Patrick and I have stayed in several other apartments since that trip three years ago and they’ve all been lovely, but this one will always be remembered as something really special. It was the first time Patrick took me to his home city, and it was when we were falling in love. The St Germain Dauphin provided the perfect atmosphere for the beginning of our love story. The next time we visit Paris, I may request to stay there again, so that we can bring our son, Jude. Lovers, stay here. It’s an enchanting place!


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 Falling in Love in St Germain

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