The Top Five Places to Brunch in Paris

A day trip to Giverny

One of the best day-trips Paris has to offer is a visit to Giverny, the historical property that was once home to the founder of French Impressionist painting, Claude Monet. The beautiful gardens of Giverny inspired Monet to paint such

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Coutume instituutti – 60 rue des Ecoles, Paris 75005Coutume_instituutti

Whether it’s for school, business, or pleasure, if you would like to enjoy working from a coffee shop in Paris, this place is perfect.

With reliable Wi-Fi and great pastries (with a Scandinavian twist!), this lovely café is hidden in the Finland Institute. You have to know about it to find it, which makes it the perfect off-the-beaten-path place to enjoy some Wi-Fi time in the morning while sipping on coffee.

It’s almost like home, actually, it’s better than home. Gosh, those Scandinavians are good at design! This is truly a rare gem in Paris, and who doesn’t appreciate a cold brew coffee for the extra burst of energy on a studious day.


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